YSIOS CAPITAL - Investment strategy

investment strategy

Ysios’s investment strategy allows for investments in early stage companies looking for first round funding through later-stage or pharmaceutical spin-off companies. Our investments target companies that focus on product development in the biotechnology, emerging pharmaceuticals, healthcare and medical technology sectors.

Ysios Capital has a clearly defined investment strategy: we focus on investing in human healthcare innovation projects in and outside of Spain. We aim to balance risk and liquidity against the stage of investment, from seed capital to pre-IPO-investing, in various subsectors with different time-to-market horizons, capital needs and risk-to-return ratios.

Ysios Capital investments range from €1 million to €7 million, including additional capital for follow-on investments. For investments in Spain, we typically act as the lead investor, structuring the transaction and always syndicating with other venture capital firms. In major financing operations, especially in those circumstances where we can leverage our global network, we seek to invest in international syndicates with other dedicated life sciences and healthcare investors that share our vision and commitment to investing in and supporting companies.