YSIOS CAPITAL - Investment Criteria

investment criteria

Management team
While we acknowledge that a management team is seldom complete, we like to invest in a cohesive management team with a proven track record, including relevant business experience and top-notch scientific know-how. If a company’s management team needs additional members, it is important that the founding or existing members acknowledge this fact and demonstrate the flexibility and willingness to accommodate new members.

We invest exclusively in product development projects. Products in clinical or preclinical development should have an attractive market potential or, if a niche indication is targeted, its potential market share should be significant and realistic. Ideally, we like to invest in companies that have a platform technology capable of generating new product candidates on a sustainable basis with a competitive advantage.

The business plan should clearly outline the principal milestones to be achieved in 2 to 3 years (e.g. product development milestones, additions to the management team, licensing or collaborative agreements, new financing rounds). Such milestones should be realistic.

Strong entry barriers
Intellectual property is an important asset of biotech and pharmaceutical companies. The business plan should outline the key aspects of the company’s IP position and, if applicable, any known, required, third party IP should be listed. Ideally, the company should have freedom to operate.

We seek lead investor roles in first rounds of financing in Spain. In large rounds of financing, we usually take a follower role in syndicates with top-tier biotech venture capital firms, although we occasionally lead deals outside of Spain.